1 December 2014

Now Roger Daltrey's getting in on the act ...


Taking his cue, it seems, from veteran comic Freddie "Parrotface" Davies, rock star Roger Daltrey recently sang for a newly married couple at the hotel where he happened to be staying, joining the "awestruck" wedding band to give a rendition of an early Who hit. 

Coincidence or psittacine inspiration, given my recent report of Freddie's surprise appearance at another wedding? I can't explain, but the possibility that Daltrey is a fan of the veteran comedian's autobiography Funny Bones and a regular reader of this blog cannot, of course, be ruled out. And the Who certainly have previous when it comes to following the lead of others named Davies. 

Be that as it may, Roger - or any other interested party - can now read Funny Bones anyway, anyhow, anywhere he chooses as it's available from amazon kindle and smashwords in addition to the limited hardback edition available from Scratching Shed Publishing or the paperback which can be bought from amazon, Scratching Shed and elsewhere. 

So whether you're settling down to read at home or trying to inject a little magic into your bus journey, accept no substitute. 

 Buy Freddie Davies's autobiography Funny Bones from amazon (paperback) or direct from Scratching Shed Publishing (paperback or limited edition hardback)