29 December 2014

Freddie trounces Richard Osman

Freddie took on quiz maestro Richard Osman on Martin Kelner's Last Lost Late Show on BBC Radio Leeds on 28th December and - SPOILER ALERT - roundly trounced him.

You can hear the hour of the show featuring the quiz, entitled UK or No Way, here, 18 mins 30 secs in. The rules are far too difficult to reproduce - let's just say Stipend Kn*b could so easily have been Freddie's Waterloo and leave it at that.

Afterwards Martin says some nice things about Freddie and the book ... and talking of which, comedian Gary Colman has just posted this to Freddie's Facebook page: "I received Funny Bones for Xmas and just finished it (3am this morning!) loved it." Two people can't be wrong ...

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