15 September 2014

Article about Freddie in The Stage

Don't forget to buy a copy of The Stage this week as there will be a substantial article about Freddie in their nostalgiac feature The Archive, exclusive to the paper edition. It's an overview of Freddie's life and career, which will bring you up to speed if you've ever wondered "Whatever happened to Freddie Parrotface Davies?" (Spoiler Alert: he's still here and still performing.)

If you want to find out more, you can buy a copy of Freddie's autobiography Funny Bones: My Life in Comedy. And Freddie is planning some one man shows, two of which will be taking place in Kent in November. Details to follow.

As cowriter of the book I am especially pleased to get an article published in The Stage, a publication which has been invaluable for research. There is no doubt the story of Freddie's grandad, Jack Herbert, would have been the poorer without the paper's online archive.

The Stage will be out on 18th September ...

Postscript: I  have now seen this week's paper and the article really is beautifully laid out, with a recent photo of Freddie with Ken Dodd and a classic image of Freddie in full-on Tweet mode, seemingly mid-rasp ... many thanks to Catherine Gerbrands of The Stage whose prodding on my and Freddie's behalf helped make the article happen. And The Stage's online archive, which Catherine runs, was an invaluable resource when writing the book. 

PPS: Text of the article can now be found here.

Buy Freddie Davies's autobiography Funny Bones from amazon (paperback) or direct from Scratching Shed Publishing (paperback or limited edition hardback)