29 August 2014

Letter about Jack Herbert published in the Guardian

I take back everything I said in the previous post - the Guardian has indeed printed my letter about the link between Sid Field and Jack Herbert, and even provided the perfect headline, as you can see in the above screengrab from the online version.


It's undoubtedly a great advertisement for the book, but here's hoping it may also signal the start of a wider recognition of Jack's role in Sid Field's story. 

The biography of Field referred to in the earlier post was published several years after the Applause! Applause! documentary in which both the agent and producer Philip Hindin, and Myrtle Jay, who worked alongside Jack and Sid, spoke about Jack's influence, but there isn't even a veiled reference to that in John Fisher's book. 

It's probably about seventy years since the name of Jack Herbert last appeared in the Guardian - he was in a wartime revue which attracted a mention - but here's hoping it won't be the last. I have cheekily tweeted Michael Billington to ask if he wants a review copy of Funny Bones; if there are any developments rest assured that you will be the first to know. 

Read the letter in situ here.

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