12 August 2014

Squawk Radio (Freddie interviewed by Kevin Cann on Channel Radio)

Freddie was interviewed on Tuesday 12th August by Kevin Cann on Channel Radio, 3-5pm, for his eclectic Extra Milk programme.
This is the station's publicity material:
This week's Extra Milk show special guest is none other than Samuel Tweet - aka comedian Freddie 'Parrot Face' Davies - who is celebrating his 50th year as an established comedian and actor with the publication of his highly recommended autobiography, 'Funny Bones'. Freddie will be talking to Kevin Cann about his life and fascinating stage, film and TV career - from his big break on Opportunity Knocks in the summer of 1964 through to his appearance as a spooky talking portrait in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - and much more in between. Tune in to Extra Milk, Tuesday (12th August) 3-5pm - exclusive to Channel Radio...
The interview is an interesting complement to Freddie's interview with Billy Butler on Radio Merseyside the day before. Billy was keenest to know about the early club days, remembering such names as fellow comic Ricky McCabe, but the interview with Kevin Cann goes through key events in the book more systematically, so it provides more of an overview. 

Kevin Cann has written a number of books, including one about the early days of David Bowie entitled Any Day Now. He has also written an online review of Funny Bones, reproduced here.

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