11 August 2014

Freddie interviewed by Billy Butler on BBC Radio Merseyside

Freddie Davies was interviewed by Billy Butler on BBC Radio Merseyside on 11th August. Billy says of Freddie's book: "It took me back to so many different places and so many different times and so many names I remember as well." Freddie relives his early days in the clubs and experience of being paid off - and tells the story of how another Freddie allegedly dealt with a notorious Liverpool heckler.

Billy is particularly interested in the club stories but there is also plenty of discussion about Sid Field, Jack Herbert and Funny Bones the movie, including the moment Peter Chelsom realised that Lee Evans was perfect for the film - and how Lee's agent almost put the kibosh on it.

Freddie has several Liverpool connections. As a young comic Ken Dodd (who has written the foreword to Freddie's book) was the performer he looked up to, and Freddie's agent during his heyday in the 60s and 70s was the Liverpudlian Mike Hughes - we even hear a brief impersonation - and Freddie was at Butlins at the same time as Jimmy Tarbuck - indeed, he showed Jimmy the ropes.

Oh, and Freddie mentions at the end that the limited edition hardback version of Funny Bones: My Life in Comedy is available from the publishers directly - and it is, as he says, "stunning." There is a link to a page on the publisher's website about the hardback edition here; or read about the paperback edition here.


Buy Freddie Davies's autobiography Funny Bones from amazon (paperback) or direct from Scratching Shed Publishing (paperback or limited edition hardback)