20 July 2016

Another letter in The Guardian ...

The corner of a recent Guardian masthead seemed to promise great things: a belated review of Freddie's autobiography? 

Turned out it was only a piece about a Ghostbusters star. But Freddie's name did crop up on the letters page a few days later:

The article which prompted the letter says that a study claims  comedy actors live on average 1.8 years longer than stand-ups. I'm not quite sure where that leaves Freddie, who has been both in his time as well as agent, producer and director etc. The lead writer admits that "the phenomenon is complex" but as it would cost a huge amount of money to access the study online (in the International Journal of Cardiology) I think I'll pass.

Many statistically improbable happy returns of the day for tomorrow, Fred.

Funny Bones: My Life in Comedy by Freddie Davies with Anthony Teague is available from Northern publishers Scratching Shed here or amazon here. And if you need further encouragement here is a genuine punter review - what need we the Guardian?