5 May 2016

Freddie Davies Masterclass in London on May 31st!

After his recent success in Manchester veteran comedian Freddie Davies is about to present his performing masterclass in London - at the Hippodrome, Leicester Square, on Tuesday May 31st.
Full details are available at the Stage One Productions website here. (Scroll down to the bottom of the page for paypal buttons.)

The masterclass is not simply for comedians but all acts - magicians, singers, speciality acts of all kinds - who have to talk directly to an audience. It's a rare chance to learn the stagecraft required to present yourself effectively from a man who has been doing it all his life. 

The Masterclass in Manchester was oversubscribed so you are advised to book early. Magician Quentin Reynolds said of a talk Freddie gave at a magic convention in Liverpool: "I implemented one thing Freddie said that got me a standing ovation at The Magic Circle in London. And that was simply using one of the many techniques he taught and demonstrated."

Book for the London Freddie Davies Masterclass here.
You can buy Freddie's autobiography here.