4 August 2014

Pics from Soho launch party

These are photos from the launch party for Funny Bones cowriter Anthony Teague (me) at the Academy Club in Soho on July 24th. More to follow. Photographs: Nick MacRae.

From  top to bottom: 
Cutting open the box with the hardback goodies.
With Howard Loxton and Anne Bond, amused by persons unknown.
Karen Robinson introduces my talk. (I was given strict instructions beforehand to speak for no more than five minutes and to be funny, but I'm not very good at multitasking.)
With Rosie Bennett - and yes, some of these books were actually sold on the night.


Funny Bones: My Life in Comedy by Freddie Davies with Anthony Teague is published by Scratching Shed Publishing on July 31st, 14.99 paperback and 19.99 limited edition hardback, available direct from the publisher's website here.